Interested in purchasing a puppy?
Please email me to request or click here for a
Puppy Purchasing Questionnaire. 

Each breeding is careful planned with the expectations for show prospects.   Because we do keep our numbers small, show puppies are occasionally available.  There are always some puppies which are not quite show quality. They may be to large or small, ears to low or high, the eyes might be just a bit large, the tail a bit short, or maybe just not possess  the "show" attitude.  These puppies are sold as companion (pet) puppies to people who are looking for a special "fur-friend".  Our puppies are all sold with written health guarantees.  Puppies sold as pets are not to be used for breeding and with an agreement to have them spayed or neutered.

Occasionally, we may offer adult dogs to good homes.  These may be retired show dogs or might be dogs that we have decided need to go to homes where they will be special pets.  Dogs going to pet homes may need to be spayed or neutered if they have not been already.
If you are interested in obtaining one of the Caitlin "kids" please e-mail me for more information.

We currently have NO pups available.
Caitlin pups at play Dec. 2010